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The Daily is an incredible, seamless blend of news and technology, and I'm thrilled to be part of the team that gets to make it happen every day.

Created in 2011, the publication took the world by storm in its inaugural year, winning accolades and praise from consumers and reviewers alike. Readers love how stories come to life with breathtaking interactivity. Animation, photo galleries, video and layout come together in a truly beautiful medium to create immersive, informative experiences for our users.

The Daily was built from the ground up for iPad, but we've recently expanded to iPhones and Android devices as well. Designing for a mobile medium is a challenge and a delight, and I'm fortunate to be surrounded by a team that pushes me to create something that's never bene seen before each and every day. is an up and coming NYC startup that helps spontaneous travelers discover new road trips and activities at a moment's notice. Based on the user's budget, available time and desired activities, provides destination options, booking for hotels, excursions, and suggestions for points of interest along the way.

This has been a personal project of mine for the last few months. We've had so much encouragement from the tech community here, so I'll be excited to share in the coming weeks when it goes live. Sign up at for early access.

In the past, I've found myself relying heavily on photography to communicate concepts and narratives. This year, however, has been much different. For one (happy!) reason or another, I've come into a lot of work that's nearly impossible to visualize in any other way than illustration...from products that aren't available yet, to thoughts on technology and everyday living, these are a few snippets of spot illustrations I've completed for various clients in the last few months. For more, check out my Dribbble.

I was excited to help when a few friends decided to start a design and development collective out of Atlanta. I put together a dynamic logo that represented each of their skills abstractly (photos to come), which translated into a unique hexagonal business card for each of the partners.

They were thrilled, but even more importantly, so were their clients.

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Since 1996, General Mills has donated almost $400 million to schools all across the country with its Box Tops for Education program. I was fortunate enough to team up with the Supervalue network of grocers to create the first app to submit codes and track earnings. It also allows users to find recipes that use BTFE products, and locate participating stores. Available in the iTunes store for download.

Once a year, Coca-Cola and McDonald's put out a report to commemorate milestones in their business partnership. This year I had the pleasure of designing that report. Thirty-two pages of full-color illustration and layout was a blast to put together, but the real fun was knowing that it was distributed to leaders 6 continents. :)

The healthcare system can be a convoluted place, but this proposed iOS app for McKesson helps streamline the patient record keeping system for the busiest physicians. Several iterations took this project to completion with collaboration from Steve Thorson, and can be downloaded from the iTunes store.

Since 2002, Relevant Media Group has been the leading platform for twentysomethings covering culture, faith and intentional living.

I spent a formidable two years at there where I was pushed to do more thoughtful, conceptual work every day. I led a small but outstanding team of three, and was responsible for the art direction, design and deadlines for 16 publications per year. The amount and level of design still astounds me, but the nature of the editorial required highly conceptual work. Our team was honored to be recognized in 2011 with two Folio Magazine Ozzie Awards for some of our favorite work.

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